Register your charity on and start collecting donations online. Simply register your charity, upload your logo or photo and we will create a custom website for you to begin collecting donations. Send the address of this custom website to your supporters. For every $10 donated, a car wash voucher will be emailed to the donor. By rewarding your donor with a clean car, you will be able to raise more money. We process the credit cards, collect the money for you, and send you a check.

Any non-profit 501c (3) organization qualifies, including but not limited to Schools, Community Projects, Religious Institutions, Local Service Clubs, and Athletic Teams. Proof of 501c (3) status is required unless a written waiver request is submitted in writing to and approved.

How does it work?

  • Register: Fill in the simple form posted on, and upload your logo.
  • Promote: Send the address of this custom web page to your supporters. Use our built-in Twitter and Facebook social media sharing tools to spread the word.
  • Reward: For every $10 donated by credit card, a car wash voucher for the chosen participating car wash will be e-mailed to the donor.
  • Receive: Wash for a Cause will process the cards cards, collect the money for you and send you a check.

How much can I raise?
The social media sharing tools allow for unlimited fundraising within your 30-Day promotional term. For every $10 donation, $4.60 will be credited to the fund raising organization's account and $4.60 will be credited to the account of the car car wash selected by the donor. The remaining $.80 will be retained by the New England Cawash Association to offset credit card and administrative expenses. There is a one time $25 set up charge for your unique web page. 

Click here for more information and how to register.